Today we spend Mother’s day at Rotuaari in demonstration against war, like every sunday from the beginning of the war in Ukraine. I made a speech and here it is.

“10 weeks ago, Russia attacked Ukraine. Since then, we have been able to read the most horrific stories of people trapped in the war. 

The biggest victims of the war are civilians and especially children. All these weeks, I have heard horror stories about the attacks, survival stories of people fleeing the war.

The worst stories have been about children who have lived their entire small lives during the war since 2014. 

Children whose job it is to play in the parks and climb trees, do not deserve such a start in life. The only one responsible for their lost childhood can be found in the Kreml. 

This day is special, we celebrate Mother’s Day. Children whose childhood has been an escape from war, constant vigilance and, most recently, an escape from home to the unknown, have been safe for their mothers! I would never have imagined spending Mother’s Day in a situation, where I will be speaking on stage to mothers fleeing war. 

I can’t imagine how heavy the days and weeks have been. That is why I want to wish you a happy Mother’s Day! I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will soon hear good news from your home and be able to spend one day without worry about the future. 

Happy mother’s day to you, and all the mothers!

Slava Ukraini!”